My successes in 2017

written by Marie January 15, 2018


accomplishments 2017

Hello everybody! Last year, I shared with you my achievements in 2016, and I enjoyed writing this post. So I decided to do the same thing for 2017!

I noted my successes throughout the year in a project on Todoist, but it looks like I deleted the project by mistake … It’s a shame! It’s hard to remember your successes after several months, even if they were real successes! I will do my best and edit this post if I need to!

This article identifies my achievements. I will write another article about the successes of my blog and social media for 2017 and share my goals for 2018. Stay tuned!

My successes in 2017


  • My blog has generated a little income!

I started monetizing my blog with ShareASale and some Google AdSense advertising. The reason for this decision is that I only had expenses related to my blog before, and it started to do a lot for a student like me who does not work all year, not even summer! I still do not earn money with my blog; I still have more expenses than income!

I enjoy getting to know all these women in tech! 🙂

  • A Google recruiter contacted me

Yes, you read that right! I never thought it would happen to me one day. It was a big kick in the back as we say! A recruiter sent me an email, and we had a phone conversation afterward. He was from Texas. I have never seen anyone talk so fast in my life. Are they all like that in Texas? Haha! At least, even though the discussion was in English, I managed to understand most of it!

  • I launched my YouTube channel

It’s a project I thought about a few months before I officially started… With my blog, I can reach a particular audience with my words, but I had the impression that with a YouTube channel I could show another side of my life as a student in engineering and a woman in computer science that might help others…

I am so touched by these young women who are talking to me and who have a terror in their eyes at the thought of studying with 97% of men. I want to reassure them. I want them to be able to choose what they want to study and avoid them changing their decision because of their fears that are sometimes unfounded.

For now, my YouTube channel talks a lot of studies, but I’ll see where 2018 takes me! It is also a huge challenge to speak in English in front of the world, AND in front of a camera, because it must be said, it is not easy! My goal with my channel is really to reach as many girls and women as possible to show them that we can blossom in technology, in addition to improving my English!


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  • I became president of my student club for women in engineering, les ingénieuses

I was already vice-president of the organization, but the president finished her baccalaureate, so we had to find a replacement. I took over, and it’s going well, I think! Many learnings already in conflict management, team management, good practices …. 🙂

  • I reached 25K followers on Instagram

I would never have thought of having so many subscribers on a social network… If you want my advice on how to get more followers, it’s here.

  • I did my second software engineering internship at Unito

I wanted to write a full article about my internship at Unito, but unfortunately, I did not have the time! I enjoyed my experience there, though!

  • I learned to code in React and Javascript

During my internship at Unito!

  • My English speaking and writing skills improved a lot

Thanks to my YouTube channel, I made a lot of progress!

  • I almost did a talk at Osheaga, even though it was canceled because of the rain!

I was supposed to do a talk at Osheaga about how to get more followers on Instagram, but it was canceled because of the temperature. It was very annoying because I worked 20 hours in the previous week to be ready to present!

It doesn’t matter, the important thing in my heart is that I said YES to get out of my comfort zone!

  • I went to the gym each week since September

I had some less fun news in 2017 about my health. For several diagnoses, the treatment was to do more physical activity… So that’s what I did with a private trainer! I am proud of myself, I have made a lot of progress.

  • I ran 10 km with my aunt at a running event

Once again an achievement in physical activity. With the team of my internship, Unito, we would run every Tuesday afternoon. About 7-8 km. It was a lot for me since I had never run so regularly in my life, but I enjoyed running as a team. It’s very difficult to continue this habit alone. However, I feel very lonely against my head that tells me to stop running and go home to work on my blog……….

In short, after this summer running almost every week, my entire family and I were writing at a race event. We ran different distances, but I did the 10 km with my aunt. I am very proud of myself, I have never stopped running!

  • First collaboration with a huge brand on my Instagram, Vitaminwater

I collaborated during the 2017 winter session with Vitaminwater.

  • I received two scholarships

These scholarships were a great help! There was one for which I had applied, and I won, but the other fell from the sky, I received an email telling me people at university thought of me for the scholarship for “volunteering student of the year”! 🙂

  • I attended a couple of tech events

    • Hackatown 2017
    • Github Field Day
    • ConUHacks 2
    • Canada Learning Code Day
    • WordCamp Montreal

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What are your successes of 2017? I want to know!

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