My Blogging and Personal Goals for 2019

written by Marie January 30, 2019

My Blogging and Personal Goals For 2019

For the third year in a row, I share my goals for the year 2019. I almost didn’t write this article this year. The beginning of 2019 was a little more “difficult” than usual. In all honesty, here is why: the year 2018 was so beautiful and so filled with great happiness and great achievements, that it is difficult for me to set goals for 2019.

2018 was way above my wildest expectations. The mindset I have right now is of this year is impossible to do better than last year. For a while, I didn’t know what goals I wanted to set for myself. I think I’ve finally realized everything that had happened to me in 2018 and I’m a little shocked.

I decided to write this article anyway as I didn’t want to break my annual article. Therefore, I forced myself, and in all transparency, to set my goals for the next year even if it was difficult.

This article contains affiliate links. This doesn’t cost you anything, but I can earn a small commission if you buy something or sign up on a website. This helps me maintain the blog. My full disclosure is here.

My Blog Goals

1. Reach 15,000 page views monthly steadily

In 2018, I often reached and sometimes exceeded 15,000 pages viewed on my blog. Especially towards the end of the year! I would like for it to become more consistent this year.

How to reach the goal: 
  • Promote my blog posts more regularly on my Facebook page
  • Create images to represent the blog posts that I can use with “swipe up” links in my Instagram stories
    • Talk more about my new articles in my captions
  • Schedule more tweets on Twitter to promote my articles throughout the year. I don’t want to automate my Twitter account too much; I am trying to find a great balance, so I don’t annoy everyone.
  • Share my blog posts on my Facebook group Women Know Tech
  • Continue to schedule some pins to Pinterest with Tailwind


2. Write an ebook

Last year, I had this goal too, and unfortunately, I did not accomplish it! I still want to do it; I hope this year is the good one!

How to reach the goal: 
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Ask my audience to know if they like my idea
  • Figure out how I can design my ebook and where to write it
  • Create a landing page to promote the ebook
  • Install Woocommerce on my blog to sell the ebook

Marie-Philippe Gill working - Blog Goals for 2019


3. Social media goals for the year

This year, I’m not going to set goals for subscribers, but goals based on content creation that I would like to be more frequent.

  • 650 pictures on Instagram (1 picture every 3.25 days)
  • 10 emails sent to my newsletter followers
  • 20 blog posts published on my blog
How to reach the goal: 
  • Continue to be active on social networks
  • Cross Promote my platforms regularly
  • Continue answering all the messages I receive on Instagram
  • Make “photoshoots” during the weekend to have a bank of photos to post on Instagram, in addition to those taken spontaneously


4. Schedule Posts in Advance during Q1

I used to be able to schedule blog posts in advance for up to 3 articles! I have no idea how I would manage to be so productive but I really hope I can get there again this year. It is so helpful to be ready and prepared.

A side-effect is also that when you have a couple posts ready to go, you want to keep this advance going and work even harder!

How to reach the goal: 
  • Block time during the week to work on my blog. I like to begin the night working on administrative tasks and finish with writing!
  • Try to do more interviews as these take a lot of time but are a little bit easier
  • Try to accept some guests posts on my blog if it aligns well with my content


5. Edit Old Blog Posts by the end of the year

One of the reasons why I started my blog was to be able to improve my English writing skills. Knowing that I’m sure that if I go back and read old blog posts, I will be shy to find many mistakes in them! Here is what I want to edit in those old blog posts:

  • Make sure affiliate links all have the nofollow tag
  • Correct grammar
  • Add affiliate links where applicable
  • Improve SEO
  • Add content upgrades
  • Maybe add some “Click to tweet” and “Related posts” links
  • Make sure all images have a good and accessible alternative text
  • Compress the images used as I didn’t always look at the size of the images I was uploading to my posts
How to reach the goal: 
  • As I already made a list of blog posts I want to update in my content management software Asana, I will need to assign a blog post to edit every month
  • Keep track of my progress to gain momentum!


Attending a Toastmasters is one of my blog goals for 2019 - Picture of Marie-Philippe talking on a microphone

My personal goals

1. Go to a Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help members become better speakers and leaders. I mainly want to become more comfortable speaking in public. I have been advised several times to attend a Toastmaster club to improve myself. One of my goals this year is to try it!

I would be very curious to know if you already attend a Toastmaster meeting? I would like to know about your experience. Leave me a comment to tell me about it; I would be pleased!

How to reach the goal: 
  • I have already found 2 clubs near my home and close to my job, so I will try to put them in my schedule as soon as possible for it to be done!
  • Block time in my schedule for one or more meetings as soon as possible


2. Find a good work/life balance

In the last years, I worked very hard during my bachelor’s degree in software engineering. I have not finished yet, but I felt some fatigue in recent months. Maybe it’s due to the winter and the lack of light, but hey, I also feel the need to slow down a bit and breathe. Take the time to read a few books, for example.

In addition to studying a lot of hours, I am involved in many things, so I have not taken much time for myself lately! I still want to write articles regularly, to be active on Instagram and YouTube, but I would like to find a better balance between all these commitments.

How to reach the goal: 
  • Plan my schedule, include time to work on my blog and social networks, but also block time just to read or do the groceries…


3. Read 10 books


I had a blog of literary critics for several years. Then, when I started studying computer in CEGEP, I stopped reading to spend my time on the computer. Now, even if a book interests me, I have a hard time sitting down and putting my brain on hold for a few hours to read.

For me, reading does not go fast enough. I wish I could read more quickly, be more productive, anything other than reading. It’s too slow. One of my goals this year is to be able to take time for myself. Reading more is a way to do it, to stop for a moment life that goes too fast!

How to reach the goal: 
  • Even though I want to read self-help books, I think it’s a little too much for someone who is slowly starting to read again. So I’m going to read love stories to start, accessible and captivating novels!
  • Read books from Colleen Hoover. I just discovered this author, and she is just magical.
  • Listen to audiobooks on Scribd and Audible (Get 2 free books with this link)
  • Continue to post my progress on my Goodreads account



Here is the end of my goals for 2019! I can’t wait to see if they will come true! And you, do you have some goals that you want to achieve during the year?

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