ConUHacks 2017

written by Marie

Last updated on: May 13, 2017

Published on March 27, 2017

ConUHacks 2017

This year, at ConUHacks, I did something I had never done before … I went to the event to enjoy the atmosphere and the excitement, but I worked on my personal projects. I love ConUHacks. I did not want to miss it just because I had too many homework to do because of university!

At least, I still worked on a project created from scratch for the event. In my LOG210 course, we had an imposed programming language: Ruby On Rails. I knew nothing about Ruby before that, so it was a real challenge for me to learn this language. Usually, I can learn a new language very quickly, but it was different for Ruby.

With its MVC structure, it’s very different from anything I’d experienced before. So I was very destabilized at first. As part of my course, my team and I had to create an authentication module, I decided to do some research in order to learn more about authentication in Ruby. I ended up finding that the gem that is most used is Currency, so I focused on it …

You see, on the page above, the beautiful title “Inscrivez-vous! “? Can you imagine that I tried to find this text in Ruby’s files for at least 3 hours? One must not be ashamed to admit his mistakes and laugh a little. Because now I know VERY well that view> users> registration.html.erb and currency> registration.html.erb are two very different files and should not be confused!

Thus, my day was summarized to read tutorials on Ruby and Motto, this one especially!

Takeover of the SkillCrush’s Instagram

During the full day of the hackathon, I posted photos and especially stories on the Instagram of Skillcrush! It was much more embarrassing than I thought, to speak in English in front of his camera to selfie !!! My friends made fun of me! 😉


Why ConUHacks is one of the best hackathons in Montreal

Last year, in 2016, I was participating in my first hackathons for life. In reality, ConUHacks 2016 was my first. There, ConUHacks 2017 was my 7th. I am beginning to know a little about how hackathons work.

I also begin to be able to judge hackathons and have a good opinion on which hackathon is the best in Montreal.

ConUHacks is as good as Hackatown, of the Polytechnique. Why ? Because they have set up “hacker rooms”. So we are not all in the same room, but rather scattered throughout the university. It is much better since it allows us to breathe and to settle in a room. Also, food is DELICIOUS. Do you want to know what we were used for the midnight snack? Cream cheese bagels with capers! What can we hope for?

If you have to choose which event to participate in Montreal, please choose between these two if you can! You deserve to experience the best possible experience, especially if it is your first!



Despite everything, I had a very good day at this first hackathon of 2017 with my friends! I hope that next year I will be less busy and that I will have time to participate for real this time!

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