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written by Marie November 4, 2019

Marie-Philippe in front of her desk

My workstation changed a lot at home ever since I wrote my desk tour in 2017, so this blog post will show you my new desk and all my essentials that I use in order to work and be productive!

Watch the Desk Tour on video

This video will show you my desk tour as well as the inside of my drawers so you can see how I organized my desk! It contains more details than this blog post.

My essentials to work

My AnthroDesk sit-stand desk

My office is from the Canadian company AnthroDesk! My desk is called the “AnthroDesk Electric Starter Desk with Easy Up / Down Controls“. It allows me to work either standing or sitting! This is my first height adjustable desk and I like it a lot. I have the model that does not record different heights, so I can only go up or down with arrows.

Before choosing this model, I wondered if I was going to regret not having the feature of being able to record positions. Ultimately, this is not the case at all. The desk can adjust to your preferred height in a matter of seconds, so it’s not a necessity! It also makes the mechanism cheaper so it’s always nice to save some money!

I also decided to have a white tabletop. I was scared at first that it was going to get stained quickly, but it turns out that I love the white table, so I don’t regret my decision. The tabletop comes from Amazon!

You can watch the YouTube video to see more images from my setup! You will be able to see the contents of my drawers in the Alex Drawer.

My desk was gifted in collaboration with AnthroDesk. However, all the opinions expressed are my own.

AnthroDesk Canada

AnthroDesk United States

AnthroDesk on Amazon

My Macbook Pro

My Macbook Pro is a 15 inch Mid-2015 with a retina display. It has 16 GB of RAM and 250 GB of hard drive.

I chose the 15″ over 13″ because I like to have a bigger screen. However, if you walk a lot and go to different places, a 13″ Macbook Pro might be a good choice as it’s lightweight and small to carry.

My laptop stand

View on Amazon

I strongly suggest that you use a laptop stand if you ever spend many hours in front of a laptop each day. You will have a more ergonomic setup, which your body will forever grateful for!

The one from AmazonBasics is much cheaper than the one I bought, which is from Rain. I would go with the Amazon Basics one if I could go back in time. Given that it’s just a stand under the laptop, we don’t even see it, so the design doesn’t really matter to me.

My Macbook cover

View on Amazon

I’m constantly getting feedback on my Macbook Pro cover that illustrates space, so here’s a similar model to mine!

My monitor

View on Amazon

I am often asked if my monitor is a second screen or an iMac … but no! It’s just an HP monitor! I like it a lot because it does not have a plastic outline, it’s just a thin black frame that goes all around the screen, it’s very beautiful and pleasant to the eye!

My webcam

View on Amazon

I bought my webcam to live stream my study sessions live on YouTube. I really like it and the quality is amazing! I have been using this tripod that I also bought on Amazon for the last 3 years and it’s great.

My microphone

View on Amazon

I have been using this microphone for more than two years and I love it!

My Bluetooth headphones

I have two different Bluetooth headphones that I use as needed!

The first one is Bose’s over-ear headphones that I use when I want to cut off distractions or that if I’m in a public place for example. My other pair are from Anker and are earphones. I use them when I do not need to be in my bubble as much, and I prefer lighter headphones because if I use my Bose headphones for hours, I end up having a sore neck!

My dream desk…

In the future, I would like to change my monitor for a bigger one, just because I think it would look nice and because we never have too much screen real estate! My dream would probably be to own a curved frameless monitor like this one. I would also like to try out the Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless mouse because they seem to be really appreciated by the community online and I’m also curious to see if it’s comfortable! Can I also add that I’d like a new Apple Magic Keyboard because mine is from 2009 and is still running on AA batteries!?


I hope you enjoy this article and that it answers any questions that you may have about my work station! If this is not the case, however, do not hesitate to leave me a comment, it will be my pleasure to answer you!

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