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Last updated on: December 30, 2016

Published on May 14, 2016

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What is Markdown ?

Markdown is a way of writing that allows everyone to write HTML without even realizing it. Created in 2004 by John Gruber, the latter wanted to provide non-programmers a way to write easy to read text that would be translated into HTML.

What are the advantages?

The goal is to Markdown format easily and efficiently text using only the keyboard. It’s easy, fast and accessible to all. Write this way is useful on some forums as Stack Overflow, Reddit, Github, or to write articles with Jekyll! WordPress also allows you to write with some Markdown since version 4.3.

Markdown in WordPress

MarkDown in WordPress

You can also create and edit or .markdown .md files, which are the proper extension to the files written in markdown.

Test the result of your markdown files

There are several sites to test your knowledge in Markdown.

How does it works ?



This is *italics* 
This is _italics_

This is italics


This is **bold**
This is __bold__

This is bold


Title H1, H2…

I am an H1 title 

I am an H2 title

# H1 title
## H2 title 
### H3 title


<h1>I am an H1 title</h1> 

<h2>I am an H2 title</h2>




* Hello
* How are you?
    * Good
    * Bad
    * All of the above
* And you ?


1. I am number one
2. And number two
3. and one more



> Girl Knows Tech
> The best tech blog


<p>Girl Knows Tech</p>
<p>The best tech blog</p>


Girl Knows Tech

The best tech blog


Code snippets

1 line

Just surround the line of code with a grave accent.

`String girlKnowsTech = "best tech blog";`


To put bits of code, you just have to indent each line 4 spaces.

Hypertext links

Visit [Girl Knows Tech]( everyday

Visit Girl Knows Tech everyday


![Alternative text](direct link to the image)

This is about the same as the structure for a link, except that there is an exclamation point at the beginning (!). The bracketed text is the alt attribute of the image. This information is used for the blind individuals or when a problem occurs and the image can not be displayed.





You need to write at least 3 or 4 dashes or starts to have to make that line appear.

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