Women Of NASA Lego Set

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Last updated on: December 30, 2016

Published on August 1, 2016

Women NASA Lego

Whenever we talk about how to encourage women to pursue careers in engineering, it always comes back to the same conclusion: you have to start when they are young. It takes from childhood introduce them to science, math, computers – and encourage them in this direction. Children, they are so interested in these matters than their male compatriots. So why a few years this trend does change so drastically?


Maia Weinstock made a proposal to LEGO Ideas that could help introduce young girls to engineering early. Her proposal emphasizes 5 women of NASA who have had key roles and we hear very little about. If the project gets 10,000 votes, all of Legos will be considered by the production. It’s just a project that would finally concrete action to encourage girls’ interest in science.

Women of NASA Lego set would contain…

  • Margaret Hamilton, IT : She worked at the MIT under contract with NASA in the 1960s it developed the flight software for the Apollo missions to the moon. She is also known for popularizing the concept of software.


  • Women NASA Lego setKatherine Johnson, mathematician and space scientist :
    She has done research with NASA for years. She is known for having calculated and verified the paths for the Mercury and Apollo missions – including Apollo 11, which is the first mission to have enabled humans to go to the moon.


  • Sally Ride, astronaut, physicist, and educator: She is a physicist and became the first American woman to go to the moon in 1983. After retiring from NASA, she founded a company that encourages children – especially girls – to pursue careers in science.


  • Nancy Grace Roman, astronomer : One of the first women of NASA managers. She developed the NASA research program in astronomy.


  • Mae Jemison, astronaut, physician, and entrepreneur: First African and American woman to go into space in 1992. After retiring from NASA, she founded a company that develops new technologies and encourages students to go into science.

Women NASA Lego set

How You Can Help

You just need to vote on LEGO Ideas. It’s a bit long because you have to create an account but it’s for a great cause. I’m sure you can do it!

The project currently has 8640 votes and he must go to 10 000. I am sure that is possible!


I’m so excited by this proposal of a Lego set for women scientists! I’m really Women NASA Lego sethappy to see something concrete that can really give the little girls dreams of working in engineering.

I played many years with Legos. If I had the chance to have a woman mathematician, computer scientist or physicist with which children play, I’m sure I would have less hesitation in pursuing a career in computers.


Don’t forget to vote for the project!

EDIT: The goal of 10,000 votes has been reached! We’ll know most likely in January if the project will be created by LEGO. You can follow this Twitter account to be informed about everything concerning the LEGO set!



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